Defining fixed and openable windows

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I am trying to simulate a greenhouse that would occasionally be used as a Restaurant. The goal of the simulation is to see what kind of temperatures can we expect to see inside. I am using Energy Plus and the built in IDF Editor.

There is no active cooling system, only natural ventilation through windows. I was thinking of using the AirflowNetwork objects, since I want the airflow to be variable. The glasshouse would have around 50% of openable vertical surface and around 20% on the roof. I was doing some reading on this forum as well as on the Yahoo support group for Energy plus and the example files in order to find information on how to model this type of natural ventilation, but what I couldn't seem to find is how to define which of the available windows are openable and which not?

In the object AirflowNetwork:MultiZone:Component:DetailedOpening you can define opening factors, but is this assignable to a specific window?

I am fearing that I might be on the wrong path, so I'll quickly explain what I'm ought to do. Simulation of a fully-glazed greenhouse (one zone), heated in winter through an ideal air system to 12°C and naturaly ventilated for hygienic purposes when the room is occupied. This would (ideally) be set as a target airflow (for instance 50 m³ per hour & Person) and the required window aperture would be determined by the software. The summer case would be to ventilate in relation to temperature and have the minimum hygienic required airchange as well. Is this doable with the AirflowNetwork objects?

Any help would be very appreciated!

Thank you!

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Ok, now I have found that you can assign an opening of a window through the AirflowNetwork:MultiZone:Surface. However, I'd like for the question to stay open because of the latter part of it.

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