How to validate a simulation model? [closed]

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Hey guys, my question is primarily about daylighting simulation models. It is required by the journal I am trying to publish my paper on and I think it's a good idea to have it. I know Radiance V.5 has been tested by so many different institutions and theses as well. Even we had a question earlier that "was it tested against CIE 171:2006" and we had two dissertations that responded to the question. My question is how can I validate against field measurements while I'm not having and not enough funding to measure it. Is there any model database that I can use to validate it again? Is this type of validation acceptable for scientific journals?

I would rather prefer to have an experientially measured model with its mean daylight factor. I know it's the best metric to use but I think it's the simplest one since it is supposed to be carried under an overcast sky. Other methods especially the new indicator are dependant on the weather data so it would be harder to validate. I'm using Radiance in Rhino. Any help is highly appreciated. We are also open to collaboration for our scientific paper.

Thank you!

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I dont know how to delete this one :D

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