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Hi All,

I am currently analysing some results for a concept energy model in EnergyPlus. The model is performing better than expected and I am trying to look into the heat gains in the space to confirm that everything is working as it should. The table.csv output file has a peak cooling sensible heat gain components table that I assume should give me a breakdown of the heat gain in the space at a time when the max cooling load occurs in the space.

The question I have is if anyone else uses this summary table and if they have ever had had the "Time of Peak" at 6am in the morning. I have checked a number of other energy models that we have undertaken here in Melbourne and they all have the time of peak at 6am. I am currently using a Melbourne.rmy weatherfile but I have run other weatherfiles and the peak is on different days but the same time of 6am. The peak HVAC Sizing Summary occurs at seemingly the correct times of day (morning on the east and evening on the west) so I think the model apears to have no major issues so I'm more interested in if others have have used this table and agree with the results.

I have attached an image of the peak Cooling Sensible Heat Gain Components table from the table.csv output file if anyone is interested.

I have read the posts on "sensible heat gain summary" : and "why the peak cooling and heating are always on July 21th or Jan 21" : but neither answer this particular question.


Laurence C:\fakepath\Peak Cooling Sensible Heat Gain Components.PNG

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