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Any way to control PTAC by AvailabilityManager:HybridVentilation?

asked 2019-07-08 19:18:38 -0500

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I want to control HVACTemplate:Zone:PTAC by AvailabilityManager:HybridVentilation.
However, in AvailabilityManager:HybridVentilation, I cannot select the object created in HVACTemplate:Zone:PTAC as shown below image.
Are there any way to do this?
image description

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1 Answer

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answered 2019-07-09 06:56:14 -0500

The HVACTemplate objects are simplified versions of the detailed objects in EnergyPlus and that while that makes them easier to learn they are not nearly as flexible. I suggest that you create your model with HVACTemplate objects without worrying about the availability objects and then look at the expidf file to see how they were expanded into detailed objects. Then rename the expidf file to an idf file and modify that file to include different availability managers.

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