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Using OpenStudio for LEED certification

asked 2015-03-17 16:46:29 -0600

hugopft's avatar

updated 2015-07-10 06:36:57 -0600

I would like to know if Open Studio provides all the tools necessary to run the simulation of a model aiming to certify this model in the LEED certification. To be more clear, what I want to know is if there is any missing tool in the Opestudio which will not allow me to simulate my model and produce the required data to certify my building in the LEED certification.

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@hugopft what do you mean by "tools"?

MatthewSteen's avatar MatthewSteen  ( 2015-03-17 20:53:36 -0600 )edit

Thanks MatthewSteen , it is a good opportunity to put it clearer. So, I mean by tools, components (specially regarding to the HVAC system , but also regarding to lighting , materials, constructions and so on), measures and whatever more is Necessary to produce a good simulation, in order to evalueted the LEED requirements.

Thanks again.

hugopft's avatar hugopft  ( 2015-03-17 21:35:23 -0600 )edit

1 Answer

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answered 2015-03-18 13:28:19 -0600

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It has all the component. Just not very efficient unless you write your own ruby code

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Asked: 2015-03-17 16:46:29 -0600

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