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Openstudio data not saving using OS Save button

asked 2018-12-31 12:54:12 -0600

mark.stout gravatar image


I a newbie here with a limited knowledge of Sketchup (SU), OpenStudio (OS), and EnergyPlus (E+). however I have decided to standardize on these three to create energy models primarily for code compliance. I have several projects that nbeed to be modeled and the first is a 5 story building where the first three stories are parking garage and the top two are apartments. The building dimensions are 98' ax 294'. The first floor height is 15' and has a retail 2540 SF of retail space. It has a lobby with an elevator shaft and door to the parking garage or hallway. The of lobby has windows on the first three floors. Floor height for floors 2-5 is 11' 6".

I laid out the first floor in 2D and used "Create Spaces From Diagram" to create the 15' first floor. When I draw in windows and door for the retail space and lobby and cut out the area for the elevator shaft and several other voids that are acting as support columns. I then save my SU file with File/Save and the OS .osm file using the "Save OpenStudio Model" button. I then exist the program.

When I load SU and open my .skp file I get the message my OpenStudio geometry was removed and I need to reload it. This message tells which file to open. It is the same .osm file I saved earlier. I open that file and my model is there but the windows I created are not.

I've searched the forum and everyone else who's had a similar problem was not using the "Save OpenStudio Model" button. That's not the case here. Any ideas on what might be causing this?

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Try launching SketchUp, without opening the SKP file Then Open the OSM using the "Open OpenStudio Model" button. See online documentation for more details.

David Goldwasser gravatar image David Goldwasser  ( 2018-12-31 13:14:25 -0600 )edit

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answered 2019-01-02 07:02:18 -0600

When you draw the windows are you double clicking on one of the OpenStudio spaces first so that it gets saved to the .osm file? It's possible to draw a window that only gets saved in the Sketchup file but when you re-open the .osm, the windows would get removed. Note that you can also draw the windows as "loose" geometry where you want them and use the "Project Loose Geometry" button in the OpenStudio toolbar to transfer those windows to the associated OpenStudio spaces. One way to check if this is what is happening to you is to see whether the window is translucent. When I draw a "loose" window not associated with an OpenStudio space, it isn't translucent. But after I use the "Project Loose Geometry" button, the window becomes translucent.

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I didn't try this as I went back to 2017. But I'll try it.

mark.stout gravatar image mark.stout  ( 2019-01-31 19:27:45 -0600 )edit

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