radiant slab modeling w/ ground heat transfer

asked 2018-06-15 18:21:42 -0500

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Hi I need some advice / recommendation on how to model radiant slab properly in openstudio. So we have an office building with radiant heating / cooling slab at the perimeter zones and cooling only slab at core, with overhead VAV systems for osa.

The ground floor radiant slab will have both horizontal and vertical insulation. I'm trying to understand how i can model the slab / perimeter heat loss properly in openstudio.

Here are 2 options i researched

1). use foundation:kiva I tried this measure in this post looks like this cannot be used for internal source type construction. I'm getting errors saying that "BuildingSurface:Detailed="SURFACE 15", construction may not have an internal source/sink". Is this the case?

2). use AEDG small to medium office slab and basement measure in this measure i can check whether it is a radiant slab. But when i run the measure, it gives me error saying that "the initial idf is not configured to run slab or basement". But i don't have a clue how i can configure the model. I added the ground temperature but still didn't work.

image description

And is there any way to model it directly in openstudio using the outsideboundary condition + outside boundary condition object?

image description

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