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Running EnergyPlus "Group of Input Files" using command line

asked 2018-03-28 12:48:14 -0600

CNbr gravatar image

Is the run "Group of input files" option available only in the windows GUI? We are trying to run a batch of simulations with a .EPG (and corresponding .IMF) file in a linux machine. Is there an option in the EPlus command line interface to initiate a batch from a .EPG file?

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answered 2018-03-28 13:31:41 -0600

After some testing, it does not appear that the EP-Launch Lite program for Mac machines can use .EPG files for simulations, so I wouldn't expect it to be available for a Linux machine either -- it seems like your only option is the EnergyPlus CLI.

The documentation for the EnergyPlus CLI says that it will accept .IDF and .IMF files. You could try to input an .EPG and .IMF together, in case the documentation needs updating. I'll let @Neal Kruis weigh in for more guidance.

If you still have access to the individual .IDF files used to create the .EPG file, then you could use an approach similar to what was discussed in this Unmet Hours post.

You can read more about using the EnergyPlus CLI for individual simulations in other Unmet Hours posts HERE and HERE.

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