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CLI options of IDF editor

asked 2018-01-06 05:14:38 -0500

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updated 2018-01-07 08:53:43 -0500

I want to script IDF editor to open and save a .idf file with sorted option. Could not find command line interface(CLI) options for IDF editor. Anyone know about those options ?

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1 Answer

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answered 2018-01-08 07:04:04 -0500

The command line interface options for IDF Editor are very limited. A file name provided will be opened:

idfeditor 1ZoneUncontrolled.idf

This will start up IDF Editor and open the file in the GUI.

The only option is the /idd: option which allows a different IDD file to be chosen. This feature was added primarily for the SLAB and BASEMENT preprocessors.

There is no command line option for saving a file with sorted option. It does sound like a good new feature. I have an GitHub issue that I am using to keep track of features for IDF Editor which includes "Add ability to apply sorting order to IDF files to a group of files rather than opening and saving each one individually." Unfortunately, I have no idea when or if these features requests will ever be added to IDF Editor.

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