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DView vs. ResultsViewer

asked 2017-11-13 12:11:45 -0600

Matt Koch gravatar image

This is just a request to see if maybe ResultsViewer could be kept on/reinstated for new OpenStudio releases? DView takes forever to open and when it does, it has very limited capabilities. In contrast, ResultsViewer allows for very clear selection of data to be shown and also has a data picker, plus it is a lot faster even with large data files. One particular example I recently had to deal with is design day simulation runs. In ResultsViewer, I can easily pick the design day I want. In DView, I just got shown one day and it was not clear which day that was and how to select other days, if that were even possible.

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answered 2017-11-15 21:08:28 -0600

I'm pretty sure that ResultsViewer isn't coming back as part of OpenStudio. For now, you can always get the OpenStudio 2.2 package from here and install only ResultsViewer. When opening simulation results, you may see a message about the EnergyPlus version being unsupported, but in reality that'll only be a problem if/when the EnergyPlus SQLite file changes enough to cause problems. With 8.8 I have not had any problems.

Once the file changes, well, I like ResultsViewer enough that I've carved it out of OpenStudio history and set it up in it's own repo here. This is strictly a on-my-own-time thing, so it presently doesn't build and it isn't likely to for some time. Taking it out of the OpenStudio context left a couple of gaping holes and the last build resulted in 300+ errors, but on the up side I've upgraded to C++17, gotten rid of boost, and the compiler user to just give up because there were too many errors to count. I'm filling in the holes as I go. Contributions are welcome, etc., etc.

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