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OpenStudio 2.1.0: Radiance and Daylighting

asked 2017-05-01 00:09:32 -0600

mcdonaa1 gravatar image

OpenStudio 2.1.0:

Radiance measure - Can someone explain best practices for applying the updated radiance measure? Using it to model a coastal SoCal community. With reduced heating and cooling loads, lighting and plug-loads will have a larger than normal effect on energy end-use. In modeling daylighting, is there a way to automate window blinds opening and closing? Can we apply window blinds to the inside and/or outside of windows?

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answered 2017-05-01 08:46:50 -0600

The Radiance measure will use Radiance to calculate the daylight availability in spaces that have daylighting controls and illuminance maps in them, and will, in turn, reset the electric lighting schedules in those spaces' thermal zones. This lighting schedule is then used in the EnergyPlus simulation and the effects on the building's energy use will be reflected.

You may add shading controls to the windows as well (only a subset of the EnergyPlus options are available, and they are all inside the window to answer your question), and they too will operate on an hourly basis in response to the solar load on the window group the shading control is applied to.

Documentation: OS-Radiance functionality, shading controls, 3-phase method

That's the how of the Radiance measure. In terms of the why or the where, the best practices, that's essentially beyond the scope of this forum.

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