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Auto-extensible object crashes IDF Editor

asked 2017-04-08 10:45:41 -0500

Jim Dirkes's avatar

updated 2017-04-13 16:45:19 -0500

Dear UMH forum, My IDF has a Controller:MechanicalVentilation object with a lot of Design Specification Zone Air Distribution Object Name zones. I can run the IDF in both v8.6 and v8.7, but the IDF Editor crashes when I attempt to open the IDF, telling me that the :MechanicalVentilation object has too many fields. I can also see in the status window that E+ is auto-extending that object (and the message ".. simulation may be slow..")

Is there a bug here? or something I am missing?

p.s., I'm being lazy because I don't want to edit the IDD; it seems that if the IDF runs, the IDF Editoor should open the file....

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1 Answer

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answered 2017-04-10 08:01:13 -0500

updated 2017-04-10 08:12:27 -0500

To fix the error you are seeing, you need to follow the instructions and modify the Energy+.idd file from the answer to this other question. There is not a bug and it is really not a "crash" but IDF Editor will not open an IDF file unless the Energy+.idd file has enough fields defined for all objects in the IDF file. At this point IDF Editor simply does not auto-extend like EnergyPlus does. Automatically extending extensible fields is one of the new features in the list shown on this issue. I just added a new feature idea on the EnergyPlus feedback Uservoice if you want to vote on it.

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That helps, Jason. I guess I'll have to stop being lazy until that suggestion gets implemented :)

Jim Dirkes's avatar Jim Dirkes  ( 2017-04-10 08:47:19 -0500 )edit

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