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Intersecting spaces issues (Diagonal lines)

asked 2016-10-18 11:24:13 -0600

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updated 2016-10-20 19:58:12 -0600


I have a fairly complex geometry that came out of rhino via Honeybee, and I'm trying to (in OS sketchup plugin), intersect all the spaces so I can then solve for the adjacencies. (I couldn't do this in Honeybee because it would crash). It looks like the intersect is splitting up the surfaces as it needs to, but it also adds random diagonal lines to some surfaces (and generally not the matching surface on the adjacent space). In addition to just adding excess surfaces, this prevents the surface matching from working.

image description

At first I though this might be a rounding issue, so I rounded all the 12 decimals from Honeybee down to 5, but that didn't fix anything. Then I noticed that there seems to be some slight differences in a few vertices. These are on the order of 1/10 of an inch. I'm thinking that this is causing the issue, though I don't know the nest way to fix it. Is there a method for rebuilding the geometry to figure out if multiple vertices are withing a certain tolerance, and then set all of them to the same values?

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answered 2016-10-18 14:53:09 -0600

I have had this problem before and have tried several possible solutions.

1) run the intersect in entire model measure again from within the Sketchup plugin (or try only running it for only the zones you are having trouble with and see if that works). Sometimes I will try it for two adjacent floors at a time and this minimizes the problem.

2) run the measure from within OpenStudio to intersect in entire model and then open it again in Sketchup.

3) manually try deleting the extra lines or redrawing the trouble surfaces, the run either the interest or surface match measures again.

Usually for large buildings I can get the majority of the surfaces to intersect and match without trouble, and have to go back and manually fix about 3 surfaces that probably weren't drawn correctly. Here are some similar questions on the forum:

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