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designbuilder results viewer error importing eso file

asked 2016-07-25 10:44:36 -0500

nancynanxiaodan's avatar

updated 2017-09-25 15:16:57 -0500

Hi all,

I am using designbuilder results viewer to open the eso file, however, currently sometimes, I am facing the error named:

Error impoprting ESO file: the given key was not present in the dictionary.

I am wondering any faced this problem before, may I ask for some tips please

Thanks Nancy

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Are you using DesignBuilder to generate the .eso file or some other software? I get different issues when trying to view results that were generated from OpenStudio. I noticed that DesignBuilder Results Viewer has trouble processing design days from OpenStudio, or will graph the design days as a spike before the weather file data and skew the dates back.

kramerica's avatar kramerica  ( 2016-07-26 09:34:19 -0500 )edit

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answered 2016-07-26 02:25:02 -0500

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Hi Nancy, there isn't enough information in the post to provide a definitive answer. The first point would be to check you are using the most recent version of the DesignBuilder Results Viewer, as the latest version always includes fixes for known problems. You can download this free from the DB website. If you are using the latest version, please feel free to send the .eso file to the DesignBuilder online support desk with an explanation of your problem and they will try to help.

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