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How is the 'Ice Thermal Storage End Fraction' calculated within E+

asked 2016-07-22 15:38:04 -0500

rkbest gravatar image

I am trying to mimic the 'Ice Thermal Storage End Fraction' for a Chilled Water Storage Tank instead of using Average temperature. The Engineering reference does not give the relation used for Ice TES(and might a simple one). 1.How is this value calculated within E+? 2.Any way around to get % charge status of a mixed Chilled Water Tank status?(other than Avg. Temp) Thanks

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1 Answer

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answered 2016-09-09 09:01:08 -0500

The ThermalStorage:ChilledWater:Mixed object does not have an equivalent output like the Ice Thermal Storage End Fraction[] output variable that the ThermalStorage:Ice:Simple and ThermalStorage:Ice:Detailed objects have. For the ice thermal storage, this output variable represents the fraction of ice that remains in the thermal storage at the end of each timestep. For chilled water storage, the tank can provide useful cooling whenever the temperature is below the temperature needed in the loop.

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