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Results from EnergyPlus

asked 2014-12-07 11:33:16 -0600

updated 2015-07-12 18:13:50 -0600

Three questions about output results from EnergyPlus:

1) How can I set to especific Summary Report EnergyPlus in OpenStudio? Example: I want the "SummaryReport: ZoneCoolingSummaryMonthly". Is it possible to activate this directly from OpenStudio? Some measure for this?

2) Is there some way to output a graphic result from the Thermal Load HVAC? I saw this graphic in a paper from NREL. How to obtain this? Some measure?

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3) When I use the Ideal Air Loads, I want to know the simultaneous thermal load of a group of Thermal Zones to choose the capacity of my system. Is there some field in EnergyPlus to report this? Or the only way to do this is creating a system with the thermal zones and set autocalculate?

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@Pithon - please add the software you're asking about so that others can find it. Also suggest correcting idelairloads tag to ideal-air-loads on this question and others.

MatthewSteen gravatar image MatthewSteen  ( 2014-12-07 17:33:05 -0600 )edit

I created that graphic by hand to illustrate the OpenStudio "expert system" concept. It's not automatically output by any (currently existing) reporting measure, although David has created some example pie charts in a sample reporting measure available in the BCL.

ljbrackney gravatar image ljbrackney  ( 2014-12-09 09:04:12 -0600 )edit

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answered 2014-12-09 00:37:52 -0600

  1. You would want to add this as an EnergyPlus measure. You could look at the Add Output Diagnostics Measure to get an idea of what it might look like.
  2. The Annual End Use has a pie chart of the space type makeup of your model. It is a reporting measure that pulls some tabular data form the EnergyPlus SQL file, but the space types come form the model input, specifically the OSM file.
  3. I may let some other people chime in with better answers for this, but you could have a reporting measure post process zones (tabular or time-series data), but as others have mentioned keep an eye out for how Ideal Air Load works, specifically lack of ventilation.
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answered 2014-12-10 13:29:09 -0600

scottb gravatar image

updated 2014-12-10 13:36:43 -0600

Regarding question 3.

You can create a custom meter which is a summation of ideal loads in zones.

Here is an example of a custom meter using electricity consumption in various zones:

SuiteElectricity,         !- Name
Electricity,             !- Fuel Type
,       !- Key Name 1
Electricity:Zone:Thermal Zone 1,  !- Output Variable or Meter Name 1
,       !- Key Name 2
Electricity:Zone:Thermal Zone 2,  !- Output Variable or Meter Name 2
,       !- Key Name 3
Electricity:Zone:Thermal Zone 3;  !- Output Variable or Meter Name 3

Just change the output variable name to the appropriate ideal loads name.

As you can probably tell, I use this feature to separate out suite electricity from common areas in multi-res buildings.

Check the E+ InputOutput manual for other examples

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