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Extract detailed results from OS or E+ [closed]

asked 2016-06-07 02:50:15 -0600

FSilenzi gravatar image

updated 2016-10-18 14:22:33 -0600

I am trying to present the data obtained with simulations, but I need them (at least for 3 representative zones) to report them hourly for 3 specific days. At the moment I am running an OS simulation, then go into my_model_folder-->run-->2-ModelToIdf-0 and then select the in.idf file to be run with E+ launcher. This allows me to generate the in-csv file inside the folder. I then open the csv, selct the data and copy/paste where I need them. The problem is that I have many variables and it appears that not all of them are correctly inserted into the csv file. I am guessing that maybe I need to split the simulation in 3 sub-simulations, with less variables per sub-simulation, and run them in parallel. I have tryed also with the OS measure add_output_variable changing the key field with my themal zone name, but apparently this was producing incomplete csv files without the variables I need. Since I need to run 9 different simulations, I need a way to speed up the work since it took ages with this method.


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answered 2016-06-07 03:43:18 -0600

updated 2016-06-07 04:47:54 -0600

Always use the idf file from EnergyPlusPreProcess-0 if you are using the raw idf, because otherwise your potential EnergyPlus measures won't have been taken into account.

Otherwise, you would be better off querying the SQL file generated during simulation if you know how to.

As far as reporting for 3 days, hourly, either you run an annual simulation at hourly timestep and then you'll parse out the results for these 3 days only, or you can make use of the Output:Variable Schedule Name: put a one for these three days, and zero for the rest.

You'll have to use an OpenStudio Measure for this since you can't access the schedule name attribute in the OS App. Here's a short example of how to manipulate outputVariable in the OpenStudio SDK.

outputVariable =, model)
# Key is optional, you could create three different variables where the key is the specific zone you want

BCL measure to set up output variables from a CSV file

I also uploaded to a BCL a measure to setup output variables from a csv file here.

Basically you can add multiple keys in the same cell separated by comma, you can specify an existing schedule in your model or type "reporting_schedule_3_days_per_month" and it will create a schedule that reports one tuesday, one saturday and one sunday per month (I find that useless to not overload the SQL file when I need a lot of variables at Detailed timestep).

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