Trouble with Slab Preprocessor

asked 2016-04-18 16:37:55 -0500

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updated 2017-05-08 16:01:58 -0500

I am trying to model ground temperatures in EnergyPlus by using the slab.exe program. I read about it on the Auxiliary Programs document online, and I followed the instructions as best as I could.

My problem is that EnergyPlus is crashing when I try to run the simulation. I added all of the 'GroundHeatTransfer:Slab:' objects and the 'GroundHeatTransfer:Control' object with the Run Slab Preprocessor field set to 'yes'.

I also read about using a command window to run the slab preprocessor but I did not understand how that works.

I am happy to use either method. In then end I would just like to have ground temperatures to add to my simulation, rather than using the suggested '2C less than average monthly indoor temperature' rule. My simulation is located in Southern Alberta, and due to the large seasonal temperature swings experienced there I'm not sure how accurate that rule would be.

I am using the Lethbridge weather file from the EnergyPlus website, but when I view the file in the Elements program I do not see a column for 'undisturbed' ground temperatures. Do I need another weather file?

Thank you.

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Did you ever resolve this issue? If not, could you please email me your file. My address in at the bottom of my profile.

JasonGlazer's avatar JasonGlazer  ( 2016-09-12 07:10:22 -0500 )edit