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Hi Luis, I am working on a model for a research project. I am encountering the same problem: simulation immediately fails and there is no error log on the eplusout.err file.

I built the model from scratch using the Highrise Apartment prototype offered in the "Create DOE Prototype Building" as a reference point. Except for naming conventions (spaces, thermal zones, etc.), some minor changes to load parameters, and 5 additional floors, the model is the same.

The prototype runs absolutely fine, but my model does not even start simulating when I run it. I removed 5 floors (at this point my reduced model had exactly the same number of spaces as the DOE prototype building, 90 - 9 per floor) and ran the simulation again - the same problem. I do not think my problem is associated with the number of spaces as even the full model only has 135 spaces.

I think I am missing something but I just don't know what it is...