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From @bonnema, the solution is to change the "Number of People Schedule" to a constant value of 1. That way the only thing will be influencing the multiplicative equation of the number of people in the zone is the "Number of People Calculation Method" and the "People Actuator".

Note: # of people in the zone = "Number of People Schedule" x "Number of People Calculation Method" x "People Actuator value"

For instance, below I have set the calculation method to "People", and set that max # of people in a zone to 5. Then my linked "Number of People Schedule" is a discrete constant schedule set to 1. Now, using the people actuator, I can use values [0,1] to change the number of people from [0,5]. (Note: Actuator values must be [0,1], and use the people calculation method as the MAX # of people in the zone)

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