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As a workaround until better support is given in the OpenStudioApplication you can do this, assuming:

  • Your model is named model.osm
  • Your Surface to add the pool to (bottom one) is named My Surface
  • The PlantLoop to connect it to is named My Plant Loop

A one liner using the CLI (it's decomposed for clarity at the end of the answer)

openstudio -e "include OpenStudio::Model; vt =; m = vt.loadModel('model.osm').get; s = m.getSurfaceByName('My Surface').get; pool =, s); p = m.getPlantLoopByName('My Plant Loop').get; p.addDemandBranchForComponent(pool);'model.osm', true)"

It'll be missing an icon and showing some fields (the Node ones) that you shouldn't edit, but you'll have access to everything by clicking on it on the plant loop:

image description

Decomposition of the one-liner:

# Load
include OpenStudio::Model
vt =
m = vt.loadModel('model.osm').get

# Get Floor Surface for the pool
s = m.getSurfaceByName('My Surface').get
pool =, s)

# Connect to a plant loop
p = m.getPlantLoopByName('My Plant Loop').get

# Save'model.osm', true)