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The problem you are seeing is because the code in the measure has been update Ruby 2.5, which we started using with OpenStudio 3.0 and later, although we are getting ready to move to Ruby 2.7 with OpenStudio 3.2. For other measures impacted like OpenStudio results I updated the minimum version listed in the measure.xml which the OpenStudio Application uses to see if a measures is comparable with the installed version of OpenStudio.

I need to update the measure.xml to be 3.0 so the BCL won't update 2.9 OpenStudio installers. That doesn't directly help you. What I can do if you can't get it from our GitHub release for common measures is to give you a copy of the measure that was release alongside OpenStudio 2.9 which was version 0.1.2 of openstudio-common-measures. We do this for all of our measures collections for each major OpenStudio release, as well as sometimes interim releases. This allows users of Older installers to still have access for the measures. I can email you can copy if the link doesn't work. You can download zip file and look under lib/measures.