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I would start by pruning ALL output variables from your model. Here is how you would use ruby the CLI/ruby bindings to load a model in the same directory called in.osm and save it as in2.osm after deleting all output variables.

path = 'in.osm'
vt =
m = vt.loadModel(path)
if m.empty?
  raise "Cannot load model at #{path}"
m = m.get
i = 0
m.getOutputVariables.each do |o|
   i += 1
puts "Deleted #{i} output variables"'in2.osm', true)

Here is a one-liner via the CLI, in case you don't have ruby installed and setup for openstudio:

openstudio -e "vt =; m = vt.loadModel('in.osm').get; i = 0; m.getOutputVariables.each{|o| i += 1; o.remove}; puts \"Deleted #{i} output variables\";'in2.osm', true)"