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Thank you Julien for your suggestions as it prompted me to dig further.

I tried AllSurfaces and that did not make a change. I then loaded the OpenStudio idf generated file into EnergyPlus V8.9 IDF Editor and compared my input file with the RadLoTEmpCFloHeatCool EnergyPlus example idf file. I noticed that in the ZoneHVAC:LowTemperatureRadiant:ConstantFlow object, there is an autosize option in the Rated Flow Rate field. This option is not available in the OpenStudio 2.5.0 graphical interface and I did not hard size the flow rate, assuming that the program would do the autosizing. The autosize option is available in OpenStudio App 1.1.0. When I loaded the updated file into the latest version, I did not notice this change and left that field blank which resulted in the same result. I then input a value into the flow field in OpenStudio 2.5.0 and the program generated the results into the Component Sizing Summary.