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I'm "thinking out loud here" - so if someone can jump in that knows the specific answer, please post.

I don't expect that the prototype buildings necessarily had separate thermal zones for the UPS equipment in an office building's data center. I guess the common practice might vary somewhat throughout the time periods of the prototype buildings (only modeled explicitly after 2004 apparently!) as to which energy storage technology is used in office building data centers, and whether this room would have a separate ventilation system or would have the equipment located in the same room as the server racks.

The assumption for 45 W/ft2 of heat gain likely includes losses related to the UPS system to be picked up as heat, and I wouldn't expect the model to include any dedicated time for charging the UPS showing a spike in kW.

@Emir Pekdemir, if you are working on a specific building that had UPS batteries requiring separate ventilation, then I think you should modify the prototype model to include a separate zone if you are also itemizing the server floor power, cooling, and ventilation energy.