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The lines under Standard Output: are errors that OpenStudio encounters when trying to translate your OSM into an EnergyPlus input file (IDF).

OpenStudio translation errors

These three lines say that an OS:SubSurface object (shade, window, etc.) named "Sub Surface 56" has more vertices or corners than EnergyPlus allows. Without seeing your model, I have two guesses as to what's causing this:

  • You have defined a shading group that contains many shade surfaces. To fix this, cut and paste some shade surfaces into new shading groups.
  • You have drawn a very complex subsurface with many vertices. To fix this, simplify the shape of the subsurface to have the same area with fewer vertices.

It is strange that applying this Create Variable Speed RTU measure that deals with HVAC is translating geometry. However, even if the measure wasn't doing this, you would very likely still encounter this translation issue when you simulated the OpenStudio model.