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You should first create your FMU from a Modelica model and add the corresponding input and output interfaces.

Method 1: Importing the Modelica FMU into EnergyPlus You could then import such model in EneryPlus by defining external interface objects in the IDF (as described in the E+ external interface documentation). Those external interface objects will get the inputs of your FMU and feed them to EnergyPlus internal variables. Similarly, some EnergyPlus internal variables will be sent to your FMU outputs. The limitation is that your Modelica model will need to be exported as FMI 1.0 for co-simulation since it is the version supported by the E+ import interface for now.

Method 2: Coupling Modelica FMU with EnergyPlus FMU An alternative will be to also export your EnergyPlus model as an FMU using EnergyPlusToFMU. You could then link the Modelica FMU with the EnergyPlus FMU using a master algorithm such as PyFMI. In this situation, you could either use FMI 1.0 or FMI 2.0. This approach has the drawback that if you have to change your E+ model frequently, it will require recompiling the E+ model as an FMU every time.