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Since the addition of the JSON version of the input file, it's gotten a lot easier to do processing of the input outside of EnergyPlus proper, so that's what I did with an AirflowNetwork model "audit" script that got added last year:

It will check a model in epJSON format for a number of potential problems and generate a graph that can be visualized. Unfortunately it doesn't yet do any checks of distribution models and wouldn't catch the issue you've pointed out (those are hard to catch because the system of equations still works). It is mainly looking at linkage counts because I've been using it to examine larger models that have many linkages. Distribution support will be added at some point, but a feature request would definitely help that get done sooner.

On your original question, it's going to roughly follow the loop layout, I've done several of these myself but not for this particular model (and I fear those are all lost now). Once the visualization script does support distribution, I suppose we could include those visualizations someplace, but as with the script, having that feedback as a feature request (e.g. "add AFN network diagrams for the example files" or something) will help get it done.