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I'm assuming you're using EnergyPlus. See the UtilityCost:Tariff object's Buy or Sell field, which has the following options.

Field: Buy Or Sell

Sets whether the tariff is used for buying, selling or both to the utility. This should be allowed to default to BuyFromUtility unless a power generation system is included in the building that may generate more power than the building needs during the year. The choices are:

  • BuyFromUtility – The values from the metered variable are used and are shown as being purchases from the utility.

  • SellToUtility – The values from the metered variable are used for a “sell back” rate to the utility. The charges in the rate should be expressed as negative values.

  • NetMetering – Negative values are used to reduce any positive values during the specific period on the tariff when negative values occur.