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Normally, IDF Editor shows information about objects and their input fields in the middle window on the right above the columns of objects. It looks like from your first screen shot, there is no information about the Thermostat Offset input field of the RoomAir:TemperaturePattern:NondimensionalHeight object. When this happens, you should be able to read more information about input fields of objects in the Input Output Reference. You can either find this InputOutputReference.pdf in the Documentation folder where EnergyPlus was installed (C:/EnergyPlusv9-1-0, e.g.), or you can read the same PDF content online. The PDF is specific to the version of EnergyPlus you are using, since input fields can change for different EnergyPlus versions.

Here is a link to the description of the Thermostat Offset input field, which is setting a temperature difference between the air where the thermostat is installed in the zone and the mean air temperature of the same zone.

Here is a link to the HVACTemplate:Thermostat object for EnergyPlus v9.1. The order of inputs are very different from your screen shot, but you should be able to find the documentation for the version that you are using. My assumption is that the Thermostat Offset input field for this thermostat is the same parameter above, but you should confirm that.