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EnergyPlus is a multi-thread application but is not optimized for parallel runs on multi-core machines. However, multiple parametric runs can be launched in parallel if these runs are independent. One way to do it is to create multiple folders and copy files EnergyPlus.exe, Energy+.idd, DElight2.dll, libexpat.dll, bcvtb.dll, EPMacro.exe (if macros are used), ExpandObjects.exe (if HVACTemplate or Compact HVAC objects are used) from the original EnergyPlus installed folder. Inside each folder, copy IDF file as in.idf and EPW file as in.epw, then run EnergyPlus.exe from each folder.

Although this was obviously written from a Windows perspective (EXE files, etc.) the basic principle seems the same on any O/S.