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How are you compiling the EnergyPlus file as an FMU? Are you using the EnergyPlusToFMU tool provided by LBL?

If not, I would recommend using that tool. When you compile EnergyPlus as an FMU you are required to compile it with the weather file. It appears to me that the FMU was compiled without the EPW weather file. During execution it was not aware of the weather data inputs and did not initialize.

If you are using the tool but still having trouble, you may not be specifying the inputs to the FMU correctly. There are parameters that need to be defined at the command. More specifically, look at the line of your error message that says idf-to-fmu-export-prep-win.exe. The message then goes on to show you how the program should be used. Because you received this "Usage" information you may not have specified the correct inputs. This appears to be the right program from EnergyPlusToFMU but you're missing the input variables for weatherFile, simulation starttime, and simulation stoptime.

If you still have errors, please post part of the script that you are trying to use.