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So to answer a part of my question:

I would suggest first of all to check for the availability of the results you are searching for, for example I was looking for: Zone Opaque Surface Outside/Inside Face Conduction Gain without checking if the idf file I was producing was 'requesting' it from E+.

There is an easy solution to that: By plugging-in the rddfileAddress, from 'Honeybee_export to OpenStudio' to the 'Honeybee_Read Result Dictionary' You get to see what is available: image description

as you can see 15 outputs match my search, but not the one I want.


1) BigLadder

I know that I this output can be produced from E+

2) Unmet - previous post

I understood that I was missing something.

TL DR; Apparently E+ is not showing all the variables it is calculating, unless you ask. So to the additionalStrings_ input instead of adding the desired output you have to ask for the Advanced Report Variables.

image description

as you can see 19 outputs match my search, this of course only solves half of my issue, since I need both the outside AND inside face conduction but it is better than nothing.

So if you have any suggestions, as to how I can figure out the rest, I would really appreciate it.