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Looking at your error file (second image you uploaded), EnergyPlus is able to run the sizing design days, but the last line is

 ************* Beginning Simulation

This makes me think that something about your model's run period (usual an annual run) parameters are incorrect.

Looking at the EnergyPlus Failed warning (first image you uploaded), a search through DesignBuilder's support forum led to a post with the same issue. The solution from their was to either select a more recent version of EnergyPlus in DesignBuilder's program options, or to make sure that you haven't used bad characters (, or ; or !) in any input fields of DesignBuilder -- that would mess up EnergyPlus objects and input fields.

For a sizing design day, EnergyPlus will look at zones (blocks as well in DesignBuilder), surfaces, schedules, internal gains (people, lights, equipment), and sizing objects. Based on your error file showing messages for the sizing design day, I don't think these objects should be the culprit. That leaves HVAC components and other abstract objects like the run period or location name that could contain bad characters.