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I don't have the bandwith to create screenshots etc, but I can give you a few pointers.

For the HW Loop, you want to set the control scheme to "SequentialLoad" and you want to build a PlantEquipmentOperation:HeatingLoad and place the heatpump first in line before the boiler, so it end ups working first with the boiler as backup.

Same for the ChW Loop, except you'd use a PlantEquipmentOperation:CoolingLoad.

Theoretically speaking, if you don't want to use the API (ruby) to create an explicit PlantEquipmentOperation Scheme, if you ensure you place the ChillerHeater first on the supply side of the loop and then the boiler, it should do the right thing. Make sure you look at the in.idf that is generated to ensure that is the case.

Note that there is currently a bug in this object, you'll have to hardsize the ChillerPerformance:Electric:EIR Reference Cooling Mode Evaporator Capacity, see issue#6445 for more info.