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Firstly, as an extension to the answer from Julien, jEPlus+net is the forerunner of JESS (and is the tool demonstrated in the linked video. It can still be downloaded from but is no longer supported. This is probably one of the simplest routes to setting up your own server farm, whether in the cloud (e.g. EC2) or on a local network.

I have some experience of setting up and running jEPlus on a single EC2 instance, and it wasn't particularly cheap. I would highly recommend using either the service from OpenStudio, JESS (which is great, but may or may not continue in the future), or rolling your own solution using jEPlus+net if you have access to servers.

If that is the route you take then there are a couple of papers that might be worth checking out - Simulating a Nationally Representative Housing Sample Using EnergyPlus, Hopkins et al (2011) which is what first got me interested in this topic, and Large-scale building simulation using cloud computing for estimating lifecycle energy consumption, Richman et al (2014) - more recent but paywalled unfortunately.