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NB;This is not a complete answer (yet), but the image below will help.

If you want to hardsize the zone airflows, change the Cooling/Heating Sesign Airflow method to Flow/Zone

image description

The Terminals should follow the zone sizes, so best to leave terminals to autosize. Check the zone airflow and terminal airflows match in the .eio file. I don't see any good reason to hardsize the minimum and maxium terminal airflows to the same value. Perhaps you are trying to get 100% outdoor air via this approach?

EnergyPlus sizing routines start at the zone. Zone sizes lead to system sizes and then on to plant sizes.

Your model looks like it is set up to try to 100% outdoor air. Control for that at the OutsideAirSystem - set it to a Proportional Minimum with a schedule that is always 1.