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As Avi mentions, the problem is that there is a bad character encoding in the weather file. This means there is one or more text characters that come from a different/wrong character set (specifically not UTF-8). I tracked it down in your weather file (thanks for providing!) and found it in the first line:

LOCATION,São Paulo,SP,BRA,INMET,837810,-23.85,-46.64,-3.0,792.0

The ã character in São Paulo is the bad one. The easiest fix is to open your weather file in a text editor and change the ã with tilde to a regular a (no tilde). Then save your file and now it should work. Just to be precise, the problem is not the tilde, it's just that the character used is from a different encoding. You can certainly have characters with tildes. They just need to be in the UTF-8 encoding.

Many text editors can also save to a specific encoding. Try doing Save As and then look for an Encoding option. Select UTF-8 for the encoding. This should fix all encoding problems, not just one bad character.

All of that said, programs should generally try to catch encoding problems and handle them gracefully, not crash--this is a bug in Euclid that should be fixed. I have created an issue here to document the bug until it's fixed.