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I think going to cloud-based computing to speed up CBECC-Com runs will introduce other problems of its own like cost and a learning curve, and avoids the issue why CBECC-Com is so slow?

One idea I've had for several years that would speed up CBECC-Com by at least a factor of 4 is to run simulations with a reduced weather file containing only 12 weeks instead of the full 52 weeks, i.e., 1 week to represent each month. This approach is similar to the Quick Analysis method, except that instead of picking the simulation time periods by the calendar and thus getting a random sampling of the weather data, I propose to analyze the weather data to pick the time periods most representative of each month just like how the months of a typical year weather file are picked. I wrote a paper on this method for SImBuild 2016 in Salt Lake City, where I showed that the results were indistinguishable from those using the full typical year weather file in terms of accuracy. This paper is available at the following link: