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VAV reheat coil undersizing in a known issue. One workaround could be to reduce Central Heating Design Supply Air Temperature (to 14 or 13.5 in this case). That will increase the design heating load on reheat coil and reduce the unmet heating hours in core zone. Other approach could be to add fictitious heating load only during winter design day (Central Heating Design Supply Air Temperature will be unchanged) as illustrated below.

    Other Equipment Schedule, !- Name
    Fraction,                 !- Schedule Type Limits Name
    Through: 12/31,           !- Field 1
    For: WinterDesignDay,     !- Field 2
    Until: 24:00,             !- Field 3
    1,                        !- Field 4
    For: AllOtherDays,        !- Field 5
    Until: 24:00, 0;          !- Field 6

    Level1XGroundLevelX:OfficeSpaceXCoreX Other Equip,  !- Name
    None,                                   !- Fuel Type
    Level1XGroundLevelX:OfficeSpaceXCoreX,  !- Zone or ZoneList Name
    Other Equipment Schedule,               !- Schedule Name
    Watts/Area,                             !- Design Level Calculation Method
    ,                                       !- Design Level {W}
    -20,                                    !- Power per Zone Floor Area {W/m2}
    ,                                       !- Power per Person {W/Person}
    0,                                      !- Fraction Latent
    0,                                      !- Fraction Radiant
    0;                                      !- Fraction Lost