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You say that the CFD model "takes into account incoming solar radiation as well as convection heat exchanges, providing surface temperatures through a global energy balance." As mentioned in one of the comments above, in EnergyPlus, "solar radiation" covers the entire solar spectral distribution, including visible light. If the solar radiation in the CFD model covers the full solar spectrum, then allowing visible light through the window would double-count that heat gain. Or are does the CFD model include just an outside surface heat balance on the window surface with no tramsission of solar into the zone?

In either case, if you want a window to transmit only visible light in EnergyPlus, then use WindowMaterial:Glazing with Optical Data Type = Spectral. In the MaterialProperty:GlazingSpectralData, you can set the properties differently based on wavelength. For wavelength ranges that you want to exclude, set the front reflectance to 1.0 and the trasmittance to 0.0.

If you want to remove a window from the interior radiant exchange, set the Back Side Infrared Hemispherical Emissivity to near-zero for the innermost pane.