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A good number of applications can run energy (and lighting) simulations in the cloud. As @David3 mentioned, Autodesk has been doing this for a while now with GreenBuildingStudio. Since you mentioned EnergyPlus specifically, they are not running EnergyPlus yet, but they intend to. Sefaira ( also has cloud capability. OpenStudio. JESS/JEPlus has been mentioned. Apidae ( is another cloud simulation platform that was "unveiled" last week at SimBuild. And other vendors are in the process of adding this capability. DesignBuilder is currently testing a cloud execution feature.

The high level point is that cloud simulation is quickly become a basic feature, not a premium or distinguishing one. Simulation—especially large scale simulation for design optimization, uncertainty quantification, parametric analysis, calibration, etc.—and the cloud were made for each other. I believe that in 2016, we will have SimBuild sessions named "BIM on the desktop" or maybe "BIM on Oculus Rift" because "BIM in the cloud" will be commonplace and boring.