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The availability schedule of a fan in the context of AirLoopHVAC is ignored by design in OpenStudio. This is to avoid conflicts and confusion with the availability schedule.

The logic that is enforcing this behavior is located here, where OpenStudio converts the osm model into energyplus idf.

This is a little misleading on OpenStudio's part because it is showing the availability schedule in the inspector. This is because in the context of ZoneHVAC the fan availability schedule is in play, and the inspector policy that controls what fields you can access is not currently designed to be conditional based on the context of the fan you are looking at. Ideally OS would show the fan schedule when viewing Zone HVAC and not show it when you view a fan in AirLoopHVAC.

If there is a particular use case that OpenStudio's behavior is blocking, then I would like to hear more about what you are trying to accomplish.