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I don't know of any references related to this interesting question. I think 1.3 cm is too small. Thinking about the formulation of the zone heat balance model, I would suggest it is the formulation of the surface convection heat transfer (between the inside faces and the zone mixed air) that would make for a lower limit. A narrow glazing gap has a quite different convection situation compared to a room. Although you can do a lot to override and select different convection correlations in EnergyPlus if you know what to do, the usual (semi-infinite) convection correlations need enough room to have some zone air sort of undistrubed by surface's boundary layer flow. Boundary layer thickness is on the order of 10cm, and you have two and need some space in the middle so I would suggest a gap of at least say 30 cm.

For a 1.3 cm gap you would want to use the window model and may be able to use the airflow window model, see WindowProperty:AirflowControl.