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Do you want:

  • The total cooling and heating load (as in energy) for one year = 2 numbers

    • For this, if the variable is listed as "HVAC Sum" - which is generally the case for any variable reported in Joules - you can report the variable as RunPeriod like @Waseem said
  • Each individual hourly load value for both cooling and heating (as in demand) = 8760 * 2 numbers.

    • For this, report the variable at timestep Hourly.


  • Are you asking about what variable to report? If so, it's been asked several times already, see Best output:variable for zone heating / cooling load for example.

  • Or are you asking how you can add the specific variable within openstudio when you don't see it in the list? First, both of the variables mentioned in the post I just linked are available right away... Anyways, there's a measure for that, go check the BCL, by typing "add output" you see plenty of measures

Finally, a couple of points:

  • Make sure you are actually running the simulation for a whole year: under "Simulation Settings" tab, put RunPeriod from Jan 1 to Dec 31, and make sure you have checked "Run Simulation for Weather File Run Periods"
  • The eplusssz.csv and epluszsz.csv are generated for the sizing periods only. Your outputs will be in the SQL file and the .eso file. If you want it to be generated in csv, just do a search on unmet hours it's been covered more than once (hint: there's a measure to generate a csv export from a meter (see BCL link I gave you...), or you can run the idf in EP-Launch, or you can learn how to query the SQL file).
  • The file that you linked, I don't see any problem with it