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Thanks for the tip, it worked.

In case, someone else would like to repeat:

  1. In Rhino, Select the building or zones (closed polysurface)
  2. File>Export Selected - (3D Studio format) and press the "Detailed Controls" button in the "Polygon Mesh Options" dialog box
  3. Modify the Density value if required (use the preview button to check mesh density)

  4. In Sketchup, File>Import

  5. Check if the imported geometry needs to be scaled
  6. The imported geometry will be grouped so select the geometry and right-click then explode

  7. Click the first zone and right-click then explode again

  8. While the zone is still selected, Edit>Cut
  9. Click the ''New Space" button and add a space object in roughly the same location as the cut zone
  10. Double-click the New Space Object
  11. Edit> Paste In Place - This should create a space object 12 Repeat (7-11) for the remaining zones.

Note: The imported Rhino geometry included coplanar surfaces for the windows but these did not import correctly. I deleted the surfaces and added the windows manually to the Space objects in Sketchup.