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Standard Ratings reporting has been added to the program for various HVAC components over time. It is a really great check that the inputs are working with the model as expected. However this has not yet been added for Chiller:Electric:EIR. You might add this to the User-voice site for new feature requests to help prioritize this work.

Although recreating the model from the engineering equations seems okay to me, there is another way to go that may be easier, and more valid, which is to use the program with a separate, simple IDF that serves as a sort of test harness. The idea is to emulate the chiller testing protocol in the software. Execute the chiller model with the same chiller input data you have in the building model inside a special IDF that is setup to apply the conditions specified for standard ratings. With clever use of district heating, load profiles, setpoint managers, and operating schemes (maybe EMS if you hit a wall), it should be possible to create a simple IDF file that loads the chiller as called for in the governing standard. This is essentially what is done inside the program when Standard Ratings reports are added, but it is possible to do with input files and no programming changes. For IPLV you would have a set of similar IDFs that load the chiller as prescribed and then postprocess the results.