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Looked at your model. Yes it does have to do with the VAV no reheat component. I recently added a new feature to vav no reheat and vav reheat so that you could control on oa requirement as opposed to just load. This introduced a new required field named "Control For Outdoor Air". The version translator that upgrades OS Models is supposed to take care of this new required field, but for some reason it did not. In the short term you can edit your osm file entering "No" for the field "Control For Outdoor Air". I rarely advocate editing osm directly, but in this case it will get you going quickly and it is a fairly isolated change.

There seems to be another report of this same thing.

I will certainly have a fix in place by our 1.10 major release coming up this month.

There appear to be other errors in your model that will prevent it from simulating well or at all. Two things I noted is that there are no design days, and there are no setpoint managers on the supply outlet nodes of your AirLoopHVAC system. In any case OS should not crash. Once you work around the vav terminal issue you should be able to triage your simulation errors.