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System air nodes created by OutdoorAir:Node (or OutdoorAir:NodeList) input objects do have actuators for setting node conditions. AirTerminal:SingleDuct:UserDefined could be used for this application, but it is fairly advanced and the OtherEquipment approach you have seems simpler.

I am not sure why you say OtherEquipment doesn't work for the VAV. If it is because of varying air flow, put an EMS sensor on the system node mass flow rate and use that in your duct loss model. If it is because you are concerned the reheat coil will actually use less hot water with warmer supply air, I am not sure that is a problem because the reheat coil control will account for heating provided by OtherEquipment. The coil leaving water temperature may be a bit different but that should not really impact boiler energy consumption much.