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I am not aware of ability to see the geometry in context of the maps, but once a radiance run is complete you can load the radout.sql located in the 1-Ruby-0 folder into ResultsViewer. Locate the "Illuminance Map" in the Table View pallete window and double click to render it.

It is an instantaneous plot of the illuminance map for the entire year. You can then pick a date and time and grab a graphical plot of lux. The geometry is nothing more than the area of the illuminance map drawn in the SketchUp plugin as far as I know. So you will have to work some post-processing magic to bring the geometry back into play.

It would be nice if the legacy OS (or current OS) plugin also allowed you to render the data visually onto the illuminance map grid and use the shadow settings dialog menu to advance the date and time of the plot using the "Render by Data Value" setting.